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LED Clipper

LED Clipper


INSTACHEW Pureclip Stainless Steel LED Pets Nail Clippers with Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting, Perfect for Trimming the Sharp Nails of Your Beloved Cat or Dog

INSTACHEW's PURECLIP LED Nail Clipper takes design and function to the next level. Get right to the bud of the nail with these ergonomically designed LED nail clippers. The light allows owners to quickly identify the nail bud and clip the excess part of their pet's nails.


LED ILLUMINATION: The built-in LED light helps owners identify their pet's nail buds to help trim their nails safely. This innovative design allows owners to reduce the risk of accidentally clipping the bud and causing bleeding or injury to their pet.

FOR SMALL PETS: The clipper is designed for small animals such as cats, small dogs, birds, and bunnies.

ERGONOMIC GRIP: The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort when clipping nails. It also feels secure in the owner's hands while holding the pet still. The handle is suitable for hands of different sizes and grips.

CUTTING NAILS WITH EASE: The stainless steel clippers are shaped like a half-moon designed to quickly encircle around a pet's nail and sharp enough to give it a trim.

MATERIAL: Blades are made with Stainless Steel to allow for a precision cut.

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